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Dr. Darren Harper (PhD, BSc)
Chairman, Advisor, Non-Exec

Auspex Ventures was established to help company founders and leadership teams critically evaluate their organisation, agree purpose and direction, and then scale a business that their customers value.

Areas of Expertise

Leadership Mentoring

Goal Setting & Planning For Success

Board Advisory

Fundraising Dos & Don'ts

Process Review

Establishing Productive Board Meetings



Fiona Clark
Co-Founder - David Miller Architects

As architects we knew that if we wanted to substantially grow our practice we needed help from outside our own team, someone with a fresh pair of eyes and business acumen that would challenge our thinking.


Having spoken to a number of potential advisors, Darren was the person who instantly inspired us. With his wide ranging experience from developing many different types of businesses, he gave us insight into techniques that had achieved results for others and helped us to identify our opportunities for growth as well as potential threats.


Thanks to Darren, we have a clear vision and strategy that everyone in the team understands and I’m pleased to say that as a result we’re making great progress despite these uncertain economic times.

Leon Davis
Founder - LevelUp Group

Darren's ability to see the bigger picture is invaluable. He has helped us in numerous areas such as honing our business proposition, overhauling our brand and developing our sales process to name just a few.


Darren distinguishes himself from other coaches in that his advice is based on a huge real world experience. Darren wields this experience in combination with impressive emotional intelligence to guide our business and mentor me as its founder.


I'm extremely grateful for the support Darren has given to both our business and me personally as I grow in to the person that LevelUp will need to lead it.

Barbara Marchelle
Director - Growth Compass
Chair - ID Comms

Darren has a strong business acumen and experience, which enable him to assist his clients with insightful and highly strategic input.


On more than one occasion I have seen how Darren's contribution to a growth project has made a substantial, positive difference to the clients business and its future.


I strongly recommend Darren to any company who is serious about sustainable development.

Jon Topper
Founder - The Scale Factory

We’ve been inspired by the intelligent, astute guidance that Darren has provided to us since day one. He was able to assess our strengths and weaknesses quickly and, with the benefit of his experience and insight, we were able to put plans in place to grow our business.


Those plans have worked. His down-to-earth, no-nonsense attitude suited us perfectly - he’s not shy of asking awkward questions - and he has inspired, challenged and motivated us to broaden our horizons, and stretch ourselves beyond what we thought we were capable of.


We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Darren.

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