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Auspex Ventures – Helping you focus on building a high performance business.

From my experience, success in business comes from three core principles:

  • Build the right team with people that believe in, inspire, and spur each other on.
  • Understand and clearly communicate the tangible value of your product/service to your target market.
  • Keep things simple.

I work with business founders and leadership teams, from start-up to FTSE, across any industry sector you can imagine.

How can you do this across any industry?

Simple – I work on the premise that the people I work with know their industry, but need guidance on how to critically identify, articulate, and deliver their mission and vision objectives.

Some things that I do.

      • Ask hard questions, and approach problems at all sorts of strange angles to work out what is really needed.
      • Develop simple plans, with big targets, broken out into bite-sized actionable pieces.
      • Define and articulate who owns what critical actions, and the support they require to deliver on time.
      • Suggest some joined up ways to communicate your narrative to the media, customers, and investors.
      • Develop innovation environments so you can quickly test assumptions without spending lots of time and money on things customers don’t want.

I also do this – Boardroom Advantage

Boardroom Advantage is an immersive, tailored programme that will enable businesses to turn senior level meetings into instruments of positive change, communication, strategic decision making and business growth.

For details please click Boardroom Advantage

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Testimonials for Darren Harper

As architects we knew that if we wanted to substantially grow our practice we needed helped from outside our own team, someone with a fresh pair of eyes and business acumen that would challenge our thinking. Having spoken to a number of potential coaches, Darren was the person who instantly inspired us. With his wide ranging experience from developing many different types of businesses, he gave us insight into techniques that had achieved results for others and helped us to identify our opportunities for growth as well as potential threats. Thanks to Darren, we have a clear vision and strategy that everyone in the team understands and I’m pleased to say that as a result we’re making great progress despite these uncertain economic times. Practice Director, David Miller Architects

Darren’s ability to see the bigger picture is invaluable. He has helped us is numerous areas such as honing our business proposition, overhauling our brand and developing our sales process to name just a few. Darren distinguishes himself from other coaches in that his advice is based on a huge real world experience. Darren wields this experience in combination with impressive emotional intelligence to guide our business and mentor me as its founder. I’m extremely grateful for the support Darren has given to both our business and me personally as I grow in to the person that LevelUp will need to lead it. Founder, LevelUp

I was highly sceptical about the value that a coach could bring to my business. However given Darren was a referral from a trusted business contact I respect I decided to give it a try. My involvement with Darren has yielded great returns. His no-nonsense but light hearted style kept me on point and resulted in a clear vision for our future growth that isn’t reams of paper long. Smart & pragmatic, his guidance is based in practical reality, rather than theory. He quickly bottoms out the facts. Darren is very highly recommended. Founder, Canary Wharf & City

We’ve been inspired by the intelligent, astute guidance that Darren has provided to us since day one. He was able to assess our strengths and weaknesses quickly and, with the benefit of his experience and insight, we were able to put plans in place to grow our business. Those plans have worked and we continue to use his services. His down-to-earth, no-nonsense attitude suits us perfectly – he’s not shy of asking awkward questions – and he continues to inspire, challenge and motivate us to broaden our horizons, and stretch ourselves beyond what we thought we were capable of. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Darren. Founders, The Scale Factory
Darren has the rare ability to ask intelligent, business critical questions that cut straight to the heart of your organisation. He led us through a process that enabled us to clearly assess and define our business vision. As a direct result of our work with Darren we have focused on our core proposition and developed a clearly defined plan that will dramatically accelerate our growth. Darren imbues confidence in those around him, injecting relevant insights and processes that have left me and my team feeling highly motivated and excited about our future. Founder, Today Translations

Having access to the depth and breadth of business experience of Darren and his team expedited the process of finalising our 2016 business plan. We were given the personal support and insight to see beyond our initial plan, and what was really needed to deliver it. Their experience helped shape the considerations, and ultimately supported the decisions relating to the growth plan, and how succession planning would directly and indirectly support the business targets and objectives. Working with Darren and his team was an invaluable experience in terms of long term sustained business growth, staff development and structure, and my personal development as a business leader. I would highly recommend working with Darren to help achieve your business and personal objectives. Managing Director, Qube Managed Services

After a disappointing experience with a previous coach, I was introduced to Darren. I have found him to be a highly astute, intelligent, and experienced individual. He has the knack of asking the right questions. In doing so he has forced me to confront hard truths, engage in profound change, and help me plan for success. I strongly recommend his services. CEO, Paramarq

We primarily decided to engage Darren as our GrowthAccelerator coach because we wanted to engage someone who’s advice would be in no way biased to our industry. We were looking for a completely objective analysis of our business. Whilst the program evolved it was clear to me that Darren has the very useful ability to cut through the outer ‘shell’ of a business and understand quickly the elements that are working successfully, and those that need adjustments. I expect Darren would be able to do this with most businesses, regardless of size, industry, complexity, etc. I enjoyed and valued Darren’s incisive, accurate approach, and high level of transparency when it comes to the areas we need to improve in order to reach our business growth objectives. Founder, KPP Search

Darren provided a robust and flexible coaching program to define the key strategic elements of our business plan and some of the critical commercial activities for UpMail’s growth. Darren is a great communicator and experienced coach, he quickly adapted the initial coaching plan for the priorities of our business. I strongly recommend Darren. Founder, UpMail 

Working with Darren has been extremely beneficial, with help, advice and humour, we’ve achieved the beginnings of an entertaining campaign which will assist us in PR and Marketing leading up to the film’s release. Founder, Mad&Bad Films

After an initial consultation Darren actively supported me and my team on developing a content plan, sales strategy (incl. selling some sponsorship) and subsequent marketing activity. The guide was praised by multiple parties, both expert industry insiders and private investors – our target readership. Darren’s initial advice and commercial insight, exceptional coaching of the team and subsequent feedback was invaluable in setting a template for all future guides. The feedback from the team was full of praise. I have gone back to him on several occasions. Founder, Blue & Green Tomorrow

Darren has the experience and ability to size up a business very quickly; to identify strengths and weaknesses; and then put in place plans to help that business. His plans have worked and helped our business in leaps and bounds. I found him professional, enthusiastic and personable – and enjoyed working with him. MD, Coogan London

Darren gave us excellent feedback (specific analytic advice which can be applied to our business, rather than generic one-size-fits-all basics) Co-Founder, First Tutors

Darren helped us to define our position and outline our future goals, including hurdles, challenges and existing advantages – all in just one meeting. Investing time with Darren produced phenomenal results that we are still learning how to utilise, six months down the line. Global Capitalisation Leader, Aplomb Translations

Darren is an experienced over achiever, who genuinely understands the deep complexities involved with driving growth through business innovation. His ability to deliver highly positive outcomes in business critical areas makes him an “invaluable contributor & business partner” in any business situation which requires a strong team player, who is both highly knowledgeable and a pragmatic leader. I would have no hesitation in recommending Darren to any forward thinking business looking to engage his services in either a strategic or leadership capacity. MD, Biz Strategy 365

Darren has a strong business acumen and experience, which enable him to assist his clients with insightful and highly strategic input. On more than one occasion I have seen how Darren’s contribution to a growth project has made a substantial, positive difference to the clients business and its future. I strongly recommend Darren to any company who is serious about sustainable development. Founder, Barbara Marchelle